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Nowadays in material handling plants under/Over speed monitor is one of the essential control and safety device.

Application :

An Electronic Speed Switch Monitor is used to monitor the speed of conveyors, crushers, rolling mills, agitators, mixers, stirrers, screw conveyors, and other industrial machinery. This device actuates relay contacts at a preset speed. Using these contacts desired control actions such as zero speed protection / under speed protection/ over speed protection can be achieved.

Advantages :

Operation :

The basic principle of speed monitor is a comparison of pulses received from sensors with standard pulses. The unit consists of two parts: CONTROL UNIT and “SENSOR PROBE”. The sensor is to be installed with its sensing face in close proximity to the rotating object. On this object, flags are to be fixed. The sensor produces strong electromagnetic waves, which get disturbed by the flags, giving rise to corresponding pulses. These pulses are fed to the control unit where they are compared with standard pulses to sense the speed.

Output :

The control unit incorporates an output relay. This relay will operate at a preset speed giving 2C/O contacts of 5 Amp 240 VAC resistive.

Initial Time Delay & Nuisance Delay :

An initial time delay facility to allow the rotating mechanism to attend to the desired speed is provided. The standard delay is 0-30sec. Nuisance delay allows the system to delay the trip action for a few seconds as it may recover the speed.

Enclosure :

The sensor is epoxy-potted and housed in metallic/ plastic tubes. The Control unit is enclosed cast AL / DMC enclosure.

Common Specification :

Sensor Probe

Totally enclosed, Inductive Type
Enclosure: Ni – Cr plated Brass enclosure, M 30 size with two check nuts (Refer to group 4 of ordering proforma for other options)

Control Unit :

Electronic Speed Switch / Zero Under Speed Switch :

Series ESW

The model is provided with the potentiometric setting. Suitable speed range is to be selected from six optional speed ranges 1 – 10, 10 – 100. 5 – 50, 50 – 500, 100 – 1000, and 500 – 5000 RPM. It also has a special optional facility to multiply speed range X 10 & X 100. Easy speed setting by the potentiometer, with supply ON ‘Relay ON’ and ‘SENSOR LED’ indication.


Micro Controller Based, Speed Indicator Monitor – Tachometer Series ESW M


MicroController-based circuitry packed with customer-friendly features.

Digital Tachometer Series: ESW – D

It receives input from the Transducer ( like a proximity switch ) or analog input ( from the transmitter ) and indicates the speed in RPM, MPM, or any other unit. Rotational/linear speed indication is possible. The unit is enclosed in panel mounting ( cutout 92 X 92 ) or dust-proof, field mounting, or flame-proof enclosure.

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