Trip Indicator For Safety Switch

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Project Description

Trip Indicator For Safety Switch

Powertech makes safety switches with trip indication & communication card has solved the problem arises with traditional safety switches it was difficult to trace the actuated switch as these switches are placed far away from each other as well as from the control room. Powertech offers these switches with communication card so that operator can easily locate the actuated switch & can give instruction to the field person accordingly. Card inside these switches is assigned with specific address code.

Operation of the System

The system consist of two part

  • Trip indicator
  • Safety switch with communication card.

Signals from all the field safety switches with communication card is given to the trip indication unit places in the control room, when ever particular switch is operated the receives to the indication systems changes & displays the particular switch on display of the unit. The indication unit changes its o/p signal from no to nc whenever any fault condition occurs. This signal is further can take for interlocking purpose

Advantages Over Conventional System

  • Time required in manual search for actuated switch is eliminated.
  • Further action can taken very rapidly.
  • Grouping is possible
  • Trip indicator with fail safe circuit
  • Every Switch will have specific address code so actuated switch can be directly displayed
  • The system does not require extra PLS i/p.
  • Interchangeable data address code with the help of held terminal so replacement is
    easy hence do not Require to make inventory for each addressed switch.
  • Signal cabling can be done by 2 core cable only.
  • Communication failure is indicated in control room & safety is ensured.
  • Weatherproof switches IP 65.

Standard Features

  • No or NC contact of PCS an be used and is selectable by user.
  • Scrolling facility is available to scroll no. of operated PCS.
  • All operated PCS will be displayed one by one.
  • Auto reset facility for removing indication reseted PCS.
  • No restriction on the distance between switches and control room.
  • Skip channel no. with bypass facility is available.
  • For cable short or open separate fault reply output option for conveyor tripping.
  • Grouping is Possible.
  • Max. No. of PCS are 999 and can be divided in 1 to 4 groups.
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Trip Indicator For Safety Switch
Trip Indicator For Safety Switch
Trip Indicator For Safety Switch