Proximity Switch

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Proximity Switch

Proximity Switch
Proximity Switch
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Sensing Position, Speed, Direction, Revolution, Linear Speed & Counting

Proximity Sensors

Sensing solution for all applications. You specify the requirement and we will help you to select from more than 1700 varieties we have. Every sensor is designed for industrial application. Our Namur sensors are approved by CMRS Dhanbad for use in hazardous area. Ask for detailed catalogue with application examples.

  • Inductive – Capacitive – Photoelectric – Magnetic Proximity Switches.
  • Namur Sensors for Hazardous are application.
  • Fiber Optic Sensors form Sick Optex Japan
  • Encoders
  • Linear Potentiometers
  • LVDT
  • Speed Sensors
  • Reverse Rotation Sensor-Monitor

Proximity Switch, Proximity Switch Manufacturers, Nashik, Mumbai,India

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