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Indicator Controllers Manufacturer

Indicator Controllers manufacturer, Supplier in Nashik - PT Equipments

Temperature Measurement

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Process Indicators & Controllers

Complete temperature monitoring solution. From sensor to Indicators Controllers, scanners, records, and complex furnace/process data acquisition system: Prosoft. Stand-alone controllers and scanners and scanners with retransmission output / RS 232 output for PC interface.

  • Temperature Sensors with / without Thermo well
  • Temperature Indicator and Controllers
  • Process Temperature Scanners
  • Winding & Bearing Temperature Scanner
  • PID Controller from Fuji Japan
  • Bar Graph Indicators
  • Temperature Recorders
  • Profile Controller
  • Flame Proof Temperature Measuring Devices
  • On Line Temperature Measurement
  • Temperature Data Acquisition System
  • Non Contact Temperature Pyrometers
  • Temperature Calibrators

Indicator Controllers Manufacturer & Supplier in Nashik, India