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Signal Conditioning Instruments Manufacturer

Signal Conditioning Instruments manufacturer, Supplier in Nashik - PT Equipments
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We Provide Signal Conditioning Instruments specially developed for signal conditioning of a wide variety of transducers such as potentiometers, RTDs, thermocouples, strain gauge bridges, proximity switches, magnetic or optical pick-ups, AC/DC voltages and current with complete optical and galvanic isolation between input and output. The various signal conditioners can be broadly classified into three types.

Signal Transmitters

The purpose of current signal transmission is to achieve immunity to level drops from long runs and noise from motors, relays, actuators, transformers, switches, etc. Normally, these are built-in transducers.

Signal Isolators

The purpose of galvanic isolation is to overcome ground- the loop problem and to isolate the high-voltage plant side from the low-voltage computer side/instrumentation panel side. This current signal is used in the control room for indication, control, data logging, data processing, etc. In the case of isolators, normally output parameter is the same as the input parameter and more outputs with a single input are available.

Signal Converters

Converts various field signals from RTD, thermocouple, or other signals like current, voltage, frequency, resistance, or any other parameter into electrical parameters. In this case, the output parameter is normally not the same as the input parameter. Both isolated and non-isolated versions are available.

Common Specifications :

Galvanic isolation 500VDC / 1KV RMS (In Case of isolators)
Working Temp. 10-50°C
Storage Temp. 70°C
Linearity Better than 0.3% over full scale.
Zero and Span adjustment Provided by means of trim-pot (external/internal)
Termination Suitable for 2.5 mm square conductors
Supply voltage 110V/230VDC/AC

Signal Conditioning Instruments Manufacturer & Supplier in Nashik, India