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Pull Cord Switch / Safety Cable Pull Switch Manufacturer

Pull Cord Switch manufacturer, Supplier in Nashik - PT Equipments
Pull Cord Switch manufacturer, Supplier in Nashik - PT Equipments
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Features :

  • Universal (common) Cast Aluminium/ DMC enclosure.
  • Same overall and general mounting dimensions and hence reduction in the variety of mounting brackets.
  • Rationalized design and construction allow the inter-changeability of parts.
  • Special rubber seal (0 rings) on the shaft for better protection against the ingress of dust, dirt, etc.
  • Special Ring & Overlap Fitting to prevent ingress of dust & water.

Standard Features :

  • Enclosure: Weatherproof, field mounding type, IP65 Cast Al/ Cast Iron, epoxy painted, color light gray
  • Colour:  Epoxy painted, light gray, Yellow, or as per request
  • DMC (FRP) enclosure for use in corrosive environments.
  • Special flameproof enclosure for use in a hazardous area, Group lla, llb, llc
  • Output Contacts : 1NO + 1NC / 2NO + 2 NC
  • Contact Rating for standard models: 16Amp resistive at 440 VAC
  • Contact Rating for models with reed switch contacts: 30VA, 24 VDC/ 230V AC, 1 Amp. (please specify your control voltage)
  • Standard Operating Position: 1 – 0
  • Reset: Pull Cord Switch: Manual Reset Type
  • Belt Sway Switch: Auto Reset Type

Optional Accessories / Function :

  • Separate junction Box for termination of cables
  • Indicating lamp: long life led indicating lamp for indication of operated pull cord switch
  • Mechanical flag indication for pull cord switch
  • Separate reset lever
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Operating Position 1 – 0 – 1
  • Communication card (For Trip Indicator)
  • Hermetically sealed reed contacts for use in extremely dusty and corrosive conditions

Pullcord Switch Series: PSW

Application :

A Pull Cord Switch also known as Rope Operated Emergency switch is used as a safety switch to stop the conveyor belt in case of an emergency. It is also known as a pull switch cord.

Construction :

As These switches are used as safety or emergency switch, It is not operated very frequently, therefore, the construction of these switches is such that they should be operated immediately though it kept idle for a long time. The Pull Cord Switch is housed in a dust and weatherproof enclosure with IP65 grade of protection. A sturdy and heavy-duty cam-witch with robust contacts is used to give longer service life. The operating handle is fitted with spring steel rings at both ends for fixing the rope. The design of the rings gives maximum flexibility in operating conditions. The enclosure is epoxy painted to give high corrosion resistance. The switch is designed with a manual reset type mechanism.

Operation :

The pull cord switch is mounted on the walkway side of the conveyor belt, preferably at about every 20-25 meters. When the rope is pulled from any side. The switch gets operated. Unless and until the handle is reset to normal position manually, the switch remains in operating condition. Pull Rope switch All the Pull Cord Switches installed along an individual belt are electrically wired in series and connected to the control station by a two-core cable. Therefore actuation of any one of these Pull Cord Switches will stop the concerned conveyor until the particular switch is manually reset.

Pull Cord Wire / Rope and Typing Accessories :

Pull cord wire, Dia. Approx. 5 – 6 mm, 6 x 7 construction, galvanized steel wire with PVC cover. Specially extruded for the material handling industry.

Tying clips, Cable Guide, Eye Bolt, Tension Spring, and Cable Gland for tying pull cord cables to individual switches are also supplied at extra cost.

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Pull Cord Switch / Safety Cable Pull Switch Manufacturer & Supplier in Nashik, India