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Level Measurement Manufacturer

Level Measurement Manufacturer

Application :

The TILT SWITCH is an electronic Level Measurement device specially developed to sense the level of approaching stock in a silo, on stacker-reclaimed or hopper material, and provide an output signal that can be used to initiate control actions.

Construction :

The Tilt Switch comprises two parts, viz. sensor probe, and monitoring unit. The sensor probe is of a tubular structure and is hung by means of a chain link arrangement. When the tilt probe gets tilted by the material the output relay gets actuated.

Standard Specification :

Supply 110 / 240 V AC, 50 Hz. 1Phase (Please specify)
OFF Delay 1 to 10Secs. (Continuously adjustable)
ON Delay 1 to 10Secs.(Continuously adjustable)
Output Contacts 2C / O at 5A resistive, at 240V, 50 Hz
Sensor Probe 38mm 0 X 250mm long (approx.)
Enclosure For control unit Din Rail IP30/ Weatherproof IP65

Vibrating Fork Type Level Switch :

Piezoelectric crystal operated switch for detection of levels of free-flowing solids/powders/granules in the hopper, bins, and soils.

Area of Application :

In cement, steel, ore, fertilizer, food grains, coal, sand chips, etc.

Features :

  • No calibration required, simple to install
  • Performance is independent of material characteristics i.e. change in conductivity, moisture, dielectric constant, etc.
  • No moving parts hence no wear and tear
  • Weatherproof enclosure, SS316 for the food industry
  • Field Selectable operation Logic: Configurable high or low point switching
Material Size up to 10mm
Material bulk density 0.05 kg / dm3 minimum
Operating Pressure 10Kg / Cm2max
Fork length Standard 250mm, and other lengths of a fork up to 3000mm are available. Please specify
Output 2C / O relay contacts rated for 5 Amp res at 230V AC
Supply 230V AC, 110V Ac 50Hz or 24V DC please specify
Ambient Temperature 60 degrees for the integral switching unit
Enclosure Cast Aluminium, IP65 integral with probe (standard) or back panel mounting

Paddle type level switch :

Paddle type level switch is a simple but reliable switch for level control of a wide variety of free-flowing solids. Paddle-type switches consist of a motor that drives a paddle through a planetary gearbox arrangement. When the level of the solid reaches the rotating paddle, it tends to stall the latter. Micro switches are actuated to provided level interlocks

Features :

  • A specially designed motor that does not burn under locked rotor condition
  • Specially designed PTFE lip seal to prevent ingress of dust particles into the main enclosure
  • Field replaceable paddle assembly to suit various applications
Mounting Flanged Standard: 204mm Dia, 10mm thick with 6 holes of 10mm diameter on 178pcd. Please specify any other if required
Shaft Extension Up to 1000mm for side mounitg,
Up to 300mm for top mounting
Drive motor Type Shaded pole, Insulation class B
Power 15VA approx
Paddle Speed Approx:4-5rpm. Various paddle shapes are available
Output 1C/O contact rated for 5Amp resistive at 230V AC With suitable cast Al enclosure for field mounting and terminations of cables IP65
Power Supply 230V AC, 110V AC 50 Hz / 24V DC

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