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L & T Products manufacturer, Supplier in Nashik - PT Equipments

AC Drives

L&T Products AC Drives are manufactured to L&T’s strict best standards. Through our commitment and leveraging our sector know-how and sponsorship, our new range of L&T Products AC drives are poised to prove value for Indian industries in a myriad of applications, including processing, textiles, plastics, and ceramics. specially designed for commercial applications, L&T products are ideally suited for AC drive fan and pump applications.

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VARISPEED – F7 From Yaskawa

Powerful, Compact, Energy saving, Current vector control inverter.

  • Wide voltage range : 380 to 480 VAC
  • Three in-one control
    • Open loop vector
    • V/f with PG
    • Standard V/f
  • 1 : 100 speed control range
  • Static / dynamic auto-tuning on any motor
  • High slip breaking function
  • Copy function for faster parameter loading
  • Complete motor protection
  • Built in PID loop with sleep function to save more energy
  • Breaking chopper in-built up to 18kw

L & T Products Manufacturer & Supplier in Nashik, India