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Sensor for Mobile Tunnel

Sensor for Mobile Tunnel

Powertech Equipments Latest Cutting Edge Offering is designed to ensure public Health & Hygiene in a Speedy Yet effective Manner.We Offer a Range of Automation Sensors & Controllers designed for mobil Sanitization Chambers, which can be used for disinfection against Covid-19 as other well as Other infectious or contagious virsuses.our product is cost effective & scalable soloution which is ideal for a variety of commercial & retail establishments to monitor health &prevent spread of disease for one’s employees as well visitors.

Powertech offers following sensor options for sanitizing Chamber

  • Customised Retro reflective sensor +controller
    • Dimension : 17*50*55mm
  • Customised Through sensor +controller
    • Dimension : 17*50*55mm
  • PIR Motion sensor

Suitable for

  • Office buildings & other commercial complexes
  • Malls & shopping centers
  • Hospitals &Health Centers
  • All Factories especially food & pharmaceuticals
  • Government offices
  • Hotels,resorts,inns & spas
  • Residential societies ( for delivery & external staff)

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